Don’t believe everything you hear – and check it!

Express and Echo today, article on Exmouth seafront campaign, quote from Swire:

“Councillor Moulding assured me that under the plans, there will be a number of free facilities for the people of Exmouth and new attractions for younger people.”

Er, that number could be ONE Mr Swire – and note the construction of the sentence means that the facilities for younger people may well not be free!

Could we have clarification, Councillor Moulding? It seems plans are well advanced so you should have something less vague to tell us.

One thought on “Don’t believe everything you hear – and check it!

  1. What we do know from EDDC’s own reply to FOI (see is that the open air play space (pay and free) will be reduced to something around 23% of that presently available. A check of the Sega Game centre at the nearby Ocean centre (the white elephant that was previously known as the Bowling Alley) will show that electonic games are not in the least popular either.
    Its all about flats.
    Both Mr Swire and Cllr Moulding are playing word games and ignoring the demand for an independent consultation. They are afraid to have one, even though many Exmouth people are willing to abide by any informed democratic decision following a genuine consultation.
    When the chips are down nobody claiming support for the present proposals can demonstrate where that support comes from- again, see


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