Feniton: a tale of two flood relief systems where Wainhomes comes bottom

Feniton’s Independent Councillor Susie Bond report on Feniton’s most recent flooding challenges shows there were mixed results. Those of the Environment Agency’s Phase 1 works appear to be doing their job – but those of the controversial Wainhomes development are a very different story.

It is worth going to Councillor Bond’s web page (link below) to see the photographs.

EDDC’s negligent attitude to this problem must surely be a case for the Ombudsman.

“… Less successful was the works carried out by Wainhomes on the Winchester Park site.

Surface water poured around the attenuation tanks, straight into the Parish Council play area. The special surface under the swings is now full of silt and will have to be cleaned again (I’ve lost track of how many times this has had to be done and at what cost to the public purse). From there, it flooded the allotments (again) and poured under the gates into the drains. With a night of rain ahead, the flood wardens were out in force to slow the rate of flow such that the drains would be able to cope.

It was cold, miserable work.

The frustrating thing is that this is still happening at all, even after Wainhomes has built the 50 houses they were allowed. As is well known, Wainhomes failed initially to install attenuation tanks to help mitigate surface water run-off from their site. Another measure was for them to install swales – a system of ditches between the estate and the adjoining agricultural fields – to help store surface water.

When flood wardens and I looked at the swales over New Year to see how well they were coping, to our amazement they were virtually empty.

Were the swales built according to the specifications drawn up by Wainhomes’ consultants? Or is the design of the surface water drainage system substandard, as Feniton Parish Council suspects?

Either way we were amazed to see that the new bank between Station Road and the open space vacated by the temporary site office has been deliberately breached.


This irresponsible action has resulted in water being allowed to pour from the site down Station Road towards houses which have a long history of flooding.”