Heart-rending pictures and experiences of flooding in Feniton – again

And tonight it is raining heavily again so the village is anticipating worse conditions. Will Wainhomes do the decent thing and sort this problem out. Don’t hold your breath.

…”Water poured off the field beside Feniton’s latest development where swales (ditches) take surface water around the site, round the attenuation tank and then direct it straight through the Parish Council-owned play area. The swings had already been removed from a previous bout of heavy rain, when the ground under the swings was silted up with slimy sand from the surface water run-off.

The flood risk assessment submitted by Wainhomes and approved by the Environment Agency and Devon County Council seems to be woefully inadequate for dealing with surface water run-off from this high point of the village. Both the plan and the scheme put in place by Wainhomes need to be carefully scrutinised to ensure that what was planned and approved has actually been put in place.

And so it continued … sandy water poured under the allotment gates down Coventry Close and several of us spent some time trying to direct the flow to different drain holes so that they were not overwhelmed.

It’s boring, tedious, cold, dispiriting work … And we seem to spend far too much of our time worrying about what the weather will inflict on us next.

It’s probably a good time to thank the many flood wardens and other residents who give so selflessly of their time.

A particular thank you has to go to the kind resident of Exeter Close who came out with tea and biscuits for Danny and Jayne who stayed on Station Road until it was safe to re-open the road. …”


3 thoughts on “Heart-rending pictures and experiences of flooding in Feniton – again

  1. Assuming I renew my alloment tenancy I will be planting rice this year. The only way Wainhomes will sort this is when EDDC drag them kicking and screaming into court. Probably the worst developers in the country


  2. Assuming I renew my allotment lease I will plant rice this year. Wainhomes will do nothing untill EDDC drags them kicking and screaming to court. So dont hold your breath. Wainhomes are probably the worst developers in the country, complete bunch of…………………..


  3. The ditches that Wainhomes have put around their site (to protect their site from flooding) actually make it worse for the rest of the village because the water is now collected in the ditch and directed straight down to the QE2 play area and the allotments in an even faster flow.
    We told the planning inspector who approved the development about the flooding in the village and effects of water pouring off this field, but he obviously didn’t believe us and just went on and approved it. Perhaps he’d like to come down and see the results of his “decision”


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