Does EVERYONE ignore our Police and Crime Commissioner

The official Facebook page has many posts from Ms Hernandez but only a small handful of comments, most of them negative. The Twitter account seems similarly sparse.

Not a good start for someone who said she was going to use social media to engage with the public.

Wonder what Mrs May thinks of these non-jobs?

One thought on “Does EVERYONE ignore our Police and Crime Commissioner

  1. Ms Hernandez has little credibility with anyone who is actually interested in the governance of the police.

    She probably gets on just fine with people who aren’t interested in such things and who assume (incorrectly in many cases) that the PCCs are:

    Knowledgeable about all facets of policing and its relationship to other (e.g. caring) services
    Visionary about what needs to be done to improve policing and repair its relationship with the public
    Honest and having integrity beyond reproach or doubt
    Able to take a contrary view to government or other elected authorities where appropriate without fear or favour

    Unfortunately, Ms Hernandez fails on most (if not all) of the above, and as such can never be seen as credible and have the trust of anyone knowledgeable and interested enough to know what the role of PCC is all about.

    Sadly, and equally unfortunately, she can get away with it because democracy is based on the majority view, and the majority of people are not interested and will assume that any PCC is doing a great job without bothering the check or think about it.


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