Hill Barton and Greendale business parks to be treated as villages with built-up area boundaries

Agenda pages 95 and 99 provide indicative maps of the suggested boundaries.

“3.8 Hill Barton and Greendale Business Parks – The adopted Local Plan advises that these two business parks will feature in the Villages Plan.

3.9 Therecommendedpolicyapproachsetoutintheconsultationdocumentisforthese business parks to have what is termed a ‘Business Park Development Boundary’. Within this boundary infill development and redevelopment of existing buildings, for employment/job generating uses, will be permitted. Land beyond the Business Park Development Boundary is be classified as countryside and further employment or other development will not typically be permitted as adopted Local Plan Countryside policies will apply.

3.10 The policy approach for these two business parks is one of placing clear constraining boundaries in respect of scope for outward expansion. Whilst there could be economic benefits associated with further employment growth at these business parks the potential benefits need to be weighed against environmental consideration which specifically include potential for adverse landscape impact and poor accessibility to these places of employment for cyclists and pedestrians. There is also potential for adverse social impacts from further development on nearby residential communities, including at Woodbury Salterton in respect of Greendale and Farrington in respect of Hill Barton.”

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