Police and Crime Commissioner’s ” cunning plan” falls apart

Our Police and Crime Commissioner was gushingly keen on using social media to report crimes:

Now we hear that up to 50 police officers and PCSOs have been removed from front-line duties in Devon and Cornwall to deal with a backlog of such calls.


And who will call out this amazingly daft idea?

No-one. The Chief Constable says:

“”In response to the 101 delays, the force moved around 50 people including officers, PCSOs and other staff to assist the contact centre. “The significant majority of these were on restricted duties therefore were unable to undertake front line duties or their usual job role. “The team have been recording crime information, to release our call handlers to answer 101 and 999 calls.

“This is a short term position and we expect all the staff to be returned to their original roles by Christmas.”

Why is it short-term if people continue to report crimes this way? Or are they going to recruit 50 more civilians? If so, why were they not recruited earlier?

Will the Police Panel investigate? No, it is overwhelmingly Tory and needs to keep the lid on these things.

Hernandez is already banned from making political comments – will she be banned from making comments about this – her “cunning plan” when she sought election?

One thought on “Police and Crime Commissioner’s ” cunning plan” falls apart

  1. Dear Owl

    I think you are worrying completely unnecessarily here. Alison Hernandez is highly experienced at this sort of thing and I think you will find that she will still come in under budget and with over-performing crime figures.

    After all, isn’t that what she achieved as an election agent? Despite being used to campaign specifically for the local candidate (who did brilliantly in the election by the way!!!! – an over performance if there ever was one), the costs for the battle busses etc. were paid for as part of the central funding (so she came in below budget), and the police do not feel that she has a case to answer for electoral fraud (or at least not yet).

    No – we should place our absolute, absolute trust in Alison Hernandez – who quite clearly puts her responsibilities to the public way, way, way, way, way ahead of any loyalty to the Conservative Party that she loves and which has got her to where she is today.


    Paul (No not that Paul. Which Paul? No not Paul Diviani.)


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