People in glass houses would be well advised not to throw stones

An EDDC district councillor recently talking about NHS bed cuts:

The CCG uses inaccurate logic and biased consultation questions, therefore it’s not a real consultation – it’s an act of manipulation.”

An independent councillor? No – true blue Honiton Tory councillor Mike Allen,

Come on, Mike – you’ve been a Tory councillor at EDDC for years – surely you shouldn’t start complaining about these tactics now!

Biased questions – go to any regeneration area or anywhere Section 106 funds are being discussed: “You can have this or that”, “But we want the other!”, “Well, you can’t have it – it’s not on the form and we don’t want it.”

Real consultation? Name one EDDC consultation that didn’t have people up in arms.

Manipulation includes bending with the wind … remember the good old days when you were Chair of the Local Plan panel and refused to let the Ottery (independent) councillor speak about his ward on a crucial part of the plan? Biased? Maybe, maybe not – though Owl recalls you were rapped on the knuckles for that one.

Remember the good old East Devon Business Forum meetings that you attended?

Oh, and you can’t have inaccurate logic – it’s either logical or it isn’t.

Time to wake up and smell the … well, it certainly isn’t coffee.