RD and E on collision course with “Success Regime”

R D and E has recently taken over responsibility for the local community hospitals where the “Success Regime” plans to cut half the beds.

It seems that RD and E is totally out of synch with the “Success Regime” and is refusing to close beds BEFORE adequate social care provision is in place – well done R D and E!

Increasing patient demand on RD&E shown by 23 consecutive red alert days”


RD&E pledge not to remove community hospital beds until it is safe”


Swire busy in London on 16 November 2016 … but not for East Devon

Doubt many people from East Devon will be interested but a few members of the LEP might attend – particularly those with nuclear and weapons interests.

Claire Wright would almost certainly have been battling to save NHS beds in East Devon if she was our MP!

“Britain after Brexit Publication Drinks Reception”

Event to be held at the following time, date, and location:

Wednesday, November 16, 2016 from 5:30 PM to 7:00 PM (GMT)

Conservative Middle East Council
55 Tufton Street
SW1P 3QL London
United Kingdom

We are pleased to invite you to celebrate CMEC’s latest publication Britain after Brexit: old friendships and new opportunities in the Middle East

CMEC Chairman

The Rt Hon Sir Hugo Swire MP KCMG

will host the event and Crispin Blunt MP, Chair of the Foreign Affairs Select Committee, and Kwasi Kwarteng MP, CMEC Vice Chairman, will offer brief remarks.

You can read the series of articles included in the publication on our website here:

“Further 28 documents on Knowle submitted by Pegasus Life. Deadline for comments 11th November 2016”

Someone is in a hurry …. could an EDDC/PegasusLife deadline be nearing? And are these major or minor amendments? Major amendments need to go through the planninf process and DMC. Putting through major amendments as minor ones coyld give grounds for a judicial review …

The District Council has received more amendments to the Planning Application (ref 16/0872/MFUL) for Knowle. They consist of Pegasus Life’s revised drainage and bat mitigation reports, together with amendments to the design and footprint of building E and the associated landscaping.


The plans and Design Access Statement show (a) that Building E is moved very slightly north with planting around it (not a major change) and (b) Pegasus are arguing that the summerhouse is already shrouded in vegetation (how has this occurred?) and that views from the south will remain largely unaffected. The revised Drainage and Bat statements are lengthy, requiring close attention.

Please note that the 28 new documents are proving slow to download from the EDDC website http://planning.eastdevon.gov.uk/online- applications/.

Alternatives,and instructions for commenting, are given in this extract from the notification e-mail circulated by EDDC on 28 October 2016.(NB.Highlighting in bold added by SOS):

‘Alternatively, they can be seen at the Council Offices, Knowle, Sidmouth between 8.30am and 5.00pm Monday to Friday. If you wish to make any representations about the proposal, you can do so on the website or write to us at East Devon District Council Offices, Knowle, Sidmouth quoting the application no. 16/0872/MFUL by 11 November 2016. Please mark the letter for the attention of the Central Team and copy your letter to the relevant Parish or Town Council. You should be aware that any comments raised will become public knowledge.’

Contact for the planning team : planningcentral@eastdevon.gov.uk Tel: 01395 516551

Further 28 documents on Knowle submitted by Pegasus Life. Deadline for comments 11th November 2016

Don’ breathe in if you live near an industrial estate or on a busy road

“The government’s plan for tackling the UK’s air pollution crisis has been judged illegally poor at the high court, marking the second time in 18 months that ministers have lost in court on the issue.

The defeat is a humiliation for ministers who by law must cut the illegal levels of nitrogen dioxide suffered by dozens of towns and cities in the “shortest possible time”.

Legal NGO ClientEarth, which brought the case, argued that current plans ignore many measures that could help achieve this, placing too much weight on costs. On Wednesday Mr Justice Garnham agreed. He also said ministers knew that over-optimistic pollution modelling was being used, based on flawed lab tests of diesel vehicles rather than actual emissions on the road.

The government said it would not appeal against the decision and agreed in court to discuss with ClientEarth a new timetable for more realistic pollution modelling and the steps needed to bring pollution levels down to legal levels. The parties will return to court in a week but if agreement cannot be reached, the judge could impose a timetable upon the government.

Air pollution causes 50,000 early deaths and £27.5bn in costs every year, according to the government’s own estimates, and was called a “public health emergency” by MPs in April.

James Thornton, CEO of ClientEarth, said: “The time for legal action is over. I challenge Theresa May to take immediate action now to deal with illegal levels of pollution and prevent tens of thousands of additional early deaths in the UK. The high court has ruled that more urgent action must be taken. Britain is watching and waiting, prime minister.”

He said the increased action required would very likely include bigger and tougher clean air zones in more cities and other measure such as scrappage schemes for the dirtiest vehicles: “The government will have to be tougher on diesel.”…


And Councillor Moulding might be advised to watch his words too!

On the question of hospital Moulding says in this week’s Midweek Herald that EDDC’s health scrutiny committee should examine the CCG’s audited accounts.

The Scrutiny Committee isn’t even allowed to see EDDC’s own accounts and information for things like relocation, let alone ask for and scrutinise other people’s!

And aren’t this years EDDC accounts being held up by auditors who have not yet signed them off (due in September) as they are not happy that some £700,000 plus of Section 106 money seems to be a problem area?

Don’t do as we do, do as we say?

People in glass houses would be well advised not to throw stones

An EDDC district councillor recently talking about NHS bed cuts:

The CCG uses inaccurate logic and biased consultation questions, therefore it’s not a real consultation – it’s an act of manipulation.”

An independent councillor? No – true blue Honiton Tory councillor Mike Allen,

Come on, Mike – you’ve been a Tory councillor at EDDC for years – surely you shouldn’t start complaining about these tactics now!

Biased questions – go to any regeneration area or anywhere Section 106 funds are being discussed: “You can have this or that”, “But we want the other!”, “Well, you can’t have it – it’s not on the form and we don’t want it.”

Real consultation? Name one EDDC consultation that didn’t have people up in arms.

Manipulation includes bending with the wind … remember the good old days when you were Chair of the Local Plan panel and refused to let the Ottery (independent) councillor speak about his ward on a crucial part of the plan? Biased? Maybe, maybe not – though Owl recalls you were rapped on the knuckles for that one.

Remember the good old East Devon Business Forum meetings that you attended?

Oh, and you can’t have inaccurate logic – it’s either logical or it isn’t.

Time to wake up and smell the … well, it certainly isn’t coffee.

Whatever happened to … Knowle relocation costs?

Given that Exmouth’s regeneration plan costs have more than doubled from £1.5m to £3.2m (see below) and part of that cost is said to be the development costs rising, whatever happened to Knowle relocation costs?

First it was going to be cost neutral …
Then it was going to cost an extra £4 million …
The latest estimate (some time ago) had the extra cost at £9.7 million

Since then:

… labour costs have increased (minimum wage rise)
… skilled labour is less available (migrants choosing not to come or being sucked into Hinkley C, our older skilled workers retiring and not being replaced by youngsters with the required training due to skills gap)
… imported raw materials costs have risen enormously due to the falling pound
… Community Infrastructure Levy to be paid

Of course, EDDC could build prefab offices to keep down costs, just as the government intends to do with housing …

Suddenly Knowle looks much more attractive in that bright autumn sun, with its lovely park and the view of the sea …

Oh, wait … it’s been flogged off for luxury retirement housing.