£117.3m spent on tourism in East Devon

And does our Local Enterprise Partnership value tourism in its ” growth” agenda? Not on your life, unless you count trips around Somerset nuclear plants, perhaps! And does EDDC have a dynamic tourism strategy? Attempts to find a councillor “champion” for tourism on the EDDC website were fruitless.

“New figures have revealed that the value of tourism in East Devon is continuing to rise.

In 2015 alone, tourism contributed £3.5million more to the local economy than it did in 2014, rising to £252.5million.

“The figures come from a new report provided to Visit South Devon and the Devon Tourism Partnership, which analyses trends in tourism year-on-year.

The latest findings show that UK-originated and overseas trips to East Devon increased four per cent to 521,000 trips in 2015, compared to 502,000 trips 2014.

The average number of nights per East Devon trip rose by eight per cent, equivalent to 166,000 additional nights in the local area.

Associated spend by tourists visiting from outside the local area leapt by £7.6million to £117.3million in 2015.

However, income from day trips fell by £4.1million to just over £135million – equivalent to a three per cent drop.”


One thought on “£117.3m spent on tourism in East Devon

  1. Good news from 2015, but the growing dependence on visitors from outside the area could be threatened by the recently reported sharp fall in European tourism since Brexit. Even the low pound doesn’t seem to have offset the damaging perception that Britain doesn’t want Europeans. The SW needs to actively promote itself as welcoming tourists from Europe.


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