More on the ” hidden” Hugo Swire

A commentator reacts to the post below on Hugo Swire:

A few more points that come out of this article:

He wishes that he had been more rebellious in his youth – we wish he was more rebellious now.

He says he doesn’t understand how business works!!!

He says he liked visiting Cuba – we wish he had stayed there.

He likes telling unprintable jokes – which goes well with being one.

His sense of humour is apparently a little more sophisticated than his best joke about Napoleon’s armies being up his sleevies – but we guess not much.

He really, really wants to meet Donald Trump. His hero?

His motto: “Confuse your enemies and confound your friends.” Well he certainly confounds his constituents.

He is INCREDIBLY VAIN because thinks he is better looking than both Robert Wagner and Sam Neil (both of whom he thinks are “mothy”), and as good looking and with the physique of Ross Poldark – by which I am guessing he means 33 year old Aidan Turner (dream on, Hugo) rather than 74 year old Robin Ellis. We know which one we think he is most like.

He likes hurling abuse at cyclists, and even stranger likes being abused by them in return. (Is that the most rebellious he can get? Pity he can’t rebel against his own parties lies and destruction of democracy and British institutions.)

He likes sticking things up chickens’ bottoms.

He thinks his mobile phone has been hacked by foreign powers (presumably before he was sacked as a Foreign Office minister) – but he hasn’t asked the security services to check it or got a new one. (Can anyone check his parliamentary receipts to see how recently he has claimed for one?)

He refuses to confirm that he is law abiding.

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