Fast broadband more important than good schools or good transport when buying houses

If you don’t have fast broadband (at least 10 mbts/second measured by a service such as Speedtest which is free) contact EDDC councillor Phil Twiss ( who took us out of the consortium now bringing fast speeds to Exmoor ans Dartmoor because he thought we would be better off going it alone with a grant we didn’t get.

“… That has been confirmed by several studies. Most recently, Broadband Genie research found that slow broadband would put three-quarters of respondents off buying or renting a new home, and that 28% would be prepared to pay more for a property with fast internet.

Another study – this time from property website Rightmove – found that broadband speed has become a deal maker or breaker in many property sales, and incredibly that broadband is ranked as more important than transport links and nearby schools when people search for property details.

Other experts now describe broadband as the ‘fourth utility’, after water, gas and electricity, demonstrating the fundamental role the internet now plays in our everyday lives.

More working from home

Andrew Sayle, Zen’s product manager for broadband, agrees: “It’s easy to see why broadband is so important to those looking to buy or rent property. Look at everything we use the internet for, from shopping and paying bills to booking appointments and watching films. More people than ever are choosing to work from home, so their ability to make a living is directly affected by the speed and reliability of their broadband connection. I suspect broadband will only become a more important factor in property decisions in future.”

Andrew is undoubtedly right. According to Cisco, by 2019 the gigabyte equivalent of all the movies ever made will cross the global internet every two minutes. More and more of us will be using the internet to download large quantities of data, often through streaming films and TV shows.

And that’s not all. Many of us already remotely control our homes through WiFi-enabled appliances. Everything from heating and lighting to home security systems and kitchen appliances can now be controlled with a smartphone app. A good broadband connection will only become more crucial to 21st century life.”

2 thoughts on “Fast broadband more important than good schools or good transport when buying houses

  1. Did you say something about Broadband isn’t happening because Councillor Twiss hasn’t done something? Now I thought he was the Tory whip but didn’t actually do any whipping – I seem to recall him saying that. Is this history repeating itself?


  2. We have given up on broadband where we live – thankfully the mobile signal has improved so we can get a service through using our phones as hotspots. Feels like a third world district!!


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