That 26% payrise for LEP chief: neither Devon nor Somerset County Councils could stop it

So, here we are: Somerset County Council theoretically holds the purse strings – except it obviously doesn’t! There is no scrutiny or transparency, no way of stopping this juggernaut that we have never been consulted about.

AND we have no way of knowing how Diviani voted – the LEP doesn’t release such information.

“Chris Garcia, chief executive of the Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP), could see his pay jump nearly 27% from £90,729 to £115,000. [This was agreed today with the two councils objecting].

“Somerset council leader John Osman said: “The pay of £90,000 is already too much so I believe it should be at least 10% less than that.”

The LEP has declined to comment.

The LEP covers the Somerset, Devon, Torbay and Plymouth council areas.

‘Cannot afford 25%’

The pay rise is being proposed by board members who are councillors, lawyers, and business leaders.

“I’m sorry to say that in the public sector we are not about giving 25% pay rises – even if you are very good at your job, we cannot afford 25%,” added Mr Osman.

LEPs are partnerships between businesses and local authorities, which were set up in 2011 by the coalition government.

Their aim is to grow the local economy and support businesses in the region.
“The budget of the LEP itself, operationally, is £1.6m. It has four full-time members of staff and a few others who work part-time.

“If you’re comparing it to how I come up with my council salaries and how the NHS has to come up with their salaries, you will find that this position is overpaid for such a small budget and such small numbers of staff,” said Mr Osman.

Both Somerset County Council and Devon County Council representatives are expected to vote against the proposals at the meeting being held later.”

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  1. What an own goal this is!! I cannot think of better evidence that LEPs are out of touch, unaccountable and open to abuse than this.


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