“Council fails to block 26 per cent pay rise for Devon and Somerset enterprise partnership boss”

“The controversial proposal was approved by the LEP board at a meeting in Tiverton on Tuesday, January 17.

Devon County Council had signalled that its representative on the board, Councillor Andrew Leadbetter, would vote against the proposed pay award in light of “the tight financial times in which we live”. …

… East Devon District Council leader Councillor Paul Diviani sits on the LEP board. The council has yet to confirm how he voted on the pay proposal. Before the meeting, a council spokeswoman said: “Councillor Paul Diviani is a member of the board and he will participate in the debate and will vote as he sees fit.”



“… “We agreed to set up a joint committee and continue working together to see how best we can look at the issues facing Devon and Somerset,” he said.

Nothing is moving forward at the moment but I’d like to think we are still on track; it’s more a case of keeping our foot in the door.”


So what is Mr Garcia being paid 26% extra FOR?

One thought on ““Council fails to block 26 per cent pay rise for Devon and Somerset enterprise partnership boss”

  1. I note that it is “foot in the door” rather than “foot to the floor”.

    So apparently he gets 26% pay rise for being a doorstop rather than a driving force.

    Can I have a 26% pay rise please? For sleeping in 26% longer? Or for snoring 26% louder? Or watching 26% more TV, perhaps? Or even for being a 26% better door stop.


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