Appalling exchange between (un)Success Regime and member of public

At the DCC Health and Wellbeing scrutiny committee meeting [on Thursday] a member of the public (MOP) confronted Angela Pedder leader of the STP group.

The “conversation” went something like this:

MOP “Hi Angela, this STP you are rolling out, you do realise people will die? How do you feel about this?

Pedder “I dispute that fact”.

MOP “Don’t you realise young women will die in childbirth on the way to Plymouth?”.

Pedder ” Don’t point your finger at me”.

MOP (finger removed)” You do realise stroke victims will suffer brain damage before they get to Exeter?”.

Pedder “I dispute that”.

MOP “You’re living in dreamland Angela”.

Source: John Wardman Faceboook

This will presumably appear on the webcast of the meeting.