People dying apparently not a consideration for NHS (non) Success Regime

Press Release from Save Our Hospital Services (Facebook group):

Public Meetings across North Devon against potential cuts in the acute services at North Devon District Hospital

The SOHS Devon campaign over the last two months has run a series of meetings across Northern Devon in Combe Martin, Lynton, Bideford, Northam, Westward Ho!, Braunton, South Molton. Without exception they have been packed to capacity with around 250-300 people at each meeting.

Speakers from the campaign have been informing the public of what can be done to avert the real danger of the acute and emergency services being removed from North Devon District Hospital following the publication of the so-called Sustainability and Transformation Plan (STP) for Devon.

Laura Nicholas, Director of Strategy at the ‘Success Regime’ and one of the authors of the STP made this astonishing statement to the Braunton council public meeting in November 2017. “If an ambulance has to drive past a hospital front door to go somewhere else, someone may die. That may be the case, but we have to balance that against a whole range of people who may not have access to any services at all. And that may also lead to that outcome.” A ‘balance’ of a death against a death?

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It is abundantly clear that the general public is seriously concerned at what the consequences of any cuts to acute and emergency services at the NDDH will be.

“The people of North Devon fought to have the District Hospital built because of the vital need in this isolated area. It is the second most remote district hospital in the country”, said campaigner Phillip Wearne. “The people of North Devon are fighting now to save our hospital from cuts, which will result in lives being lost.”