“Number of benefits claimants in South West up nine per cent since Brexit vote”

“Newly released employment figures for the South West of England between June and December 2016 suggest that the public are losing confidence in the job market following the historic decision to leave the European Union.

The percentage of people claiming unemployment benefits has risen by 9% in the South West of England, suggesting that the public are finding it difficult to succeed in the job market as the uncertainty of Brexit looms.

South West MPs have recently condemned Theresa May’s plan to leave the single market during her Brexit speech. Ms McCarthy and Ms Debbonaire labelled the approach, “one of self-harm, not statesmanship” and went on to state, “Businesses large and small in our constituencies would suffer, jobs would be lost and prices in the shops would rise.”

The coming months will be key for the prosperity of the job market in the South West, as the Government outline their ‘hard’ Brexit strategy.”


But worry not! Our Local Enterprise Partnership, charged with ever-increasing growth, will no doubt have a plan – probably involving Hinkley C!