Land unavailability

A comment under the article on the new housebuilding “initiatives” in The Guardian today:

The impact of land unaffordability on the real economy and disposable income/savings of the majority of the residents of England …

A. 69% of the land in England is owned by 0.6% of the population.

B. 33% of the land in England is still owned by the aristocracy.

C. Most of the land suitable for housing owned by government, Local Authorities and other state bodies was used up in the post WW11 housing drive.

D. UK cities rest upon 8% of the UK land mass and house 54% of the population.

E. And what of the fabled Green Belt?

UNREAL ECONOMY Most of the land suitable for housing is in the ownership of the landbankers whether they be aristocrats, private sector groups and the like.

REAL IMPACT The current land situation guarantees that most under 35’s will only own 24 square feet of land by the end of their lives and face a life where their income will be used to mostly pay rent.”