Yet another consultation on our “broken” housing market (yet another opportunity for developers to shaft us?)

Here is the White Paper”:

Here is the consultation document on it:

This consultation closes at

11:45pm on

2 May 2017

[just before local elections …]

You can respond online here:

Another opportunity for the public not to be listened to, another chance for the government and developers to create loopholes.

A first thought: if “small builders” are going to be encouraged to build the cheapest houses, how do they get the economies of scale the big builders get? Well, we could charge no VAT at all on smaller, affordable house building on small sites of say 10 homes or less and LOTS OF VAT on luxury houses on big sites.

What’s that? It’s the sound of the big developer choking on their pate de foie gras whilst trying to phone the Tory party chairman? Surprise, surprise!