Exmouth: Dinan Way extension paused by government

Yet another example of problems with the planning process in East Devon:

“In a statement issued by the National Trust this week, a spokesperson said: “We have no objection to the principle of the road, but we are concerned that the planning process designed to protect our historic environment has not been followed thoroughly.

“Conservation issues raised during the consultation period have not been addressed in the current plans.

“The National Trust’s concerns centre around the impact of the proposed route on A la Ronde, a Grade I listed building, but also on how the road might harm the wider A la Ronde setting in the longer term.

“The concerns of the National Trust are such that we felt that our only option was to submit a request to the Department for Communities and Local Government for the planning application to be considered at national level.

“Historic England, the Government’s advisory body on heritage matters, corroborates the view that the application has the ‘potential for very long-term harmful consequences to a heritage asset of the highest significance.’…”