Cranbrook: Facebook page created to complain about problems with district heating

The page is called:

“Cranbrook District Heat by eon is Useless”

Although it is new, it has already attracted more than 50 members and E.on is said to be arranging a meeting on the subject.

A selection of comments (and remember this is an 80 year monopoly contract where developers collect fees):

No hot water again in Brooks Warren. Called Eon and yes, rubbish customer services yet again. ” [E.on] We do not know of any problems, someone will be in contact within 24 hrs.”

“Just had a call from Eon to say there is a site issue (AGAIN). They are hoping to get everything up and running by the end of the day.
Yet again another problem and yet again we are all suffering with the lack of services.”

“Went to have a shower this morning around 11:00, yep you guessed it no hot water. Called e.on and they said they had no reports of problems, perhaps I’m the first to report I said. Absolutely useless, notice several others having problems on the other Cranbrook facebook page.”

“We had an Eon engineer over today. He told us that we should avoid peak times to use got water e.g. between 6am and 8am, and 6pm to 8pm. Apparently they should fix it in a week… They recognise it’s a Cranbrook wide issue.”