The perils of “new build” homes

A commentator on the post below on the Guardian website says:

Because they are all about volume and speed. They’re usually predominantly timber framed, dry lined wooden boxes. I don’t believe they’ll stand the test of time.

They bang them up as quickly as possible and the perception is that there’s more money in doing that and sorting out the inevitable snagging problems later than there is in taking the time to do it properly in the first place.

The rooms are too small – did you know they use furniture that is smaller than standard in the show homes to give the illusion of space? When you put your own double bed in the biggest bedroom there’ll barely be room to walk round it.

Land is a valuable asset so your garden will barely be big enough for a swingball.

There are also now stories about homes being sold leasehold with the freeholds being sold on to third parties and not made available to the homeowners so that remortgaging or selling after a few years requires a new lease which the freeholders can charge a mint for. All sorts.

I realise that many people don’t have much choice but if you do, I recommend that you steer clear.”


1,400 out of 4,000 is 35% and a better description than ‘some’ which suggests a lot less than 1 in 3.

Pre-fact world headline: ‘Customers ripped off as 1 in 3 Bovis homes sold unfinished’ “


How these developers can get away with this is beyond me. Isn’t this a con? How can you sell a cardboard box for £200k + and receive government incentives for the privilege?”