Stuck up Cranbrook? Deeds said to ban “work vehicles”

Below in an exchange on the Cranbrook Town Council page regarding a meeting about estate rents due to developers.

Did someone just copy the deeds to houses at Poundbury perchance?

“Is this drop in just for the estate charge or can I bring up the issue that’s cropping up regarding the commercial work vans / cars not being aloud [stet] at all on the Cranbrook estates?

How would any work be done in cranbrook if work vans were not allowed in? How would you police this? You obviously don’t have a works vehicle, but this would never come into consideration as this is a town and not a private estate.

It’s In everyone’s deeds and yes we have a work vehicle and have had letters regarding the work van and it not aloud [stet] on the estate hence why I want to discuss it with the estate management.”

Check your deeds carefully if you live in Cranbrook!

One thought on “Stuck up Cranbrook? Deeds said to ban “work vehicles”

  1. Interesting as I lived on an estate in South Glos (about 40 years old) where work vans were NOT allowed to be parked overnight and that was in the deeds.

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