LEP funding – spin, old news

Why can Owl find information on only three of ten projects which are said to have received government funding through the Heart of the South West LEP? And why is this new news when it was announced last November (see below). And does anyone recall any of these going out for consultation as to whether they are the priorities of the electors? Oh, and our LEP applied for 27 projects – not the 3 or 10 they boast about.

All press releases mention these three projects only:

– funding for Hinkley C (you know, the nuclear plant that isn’t costing us a penny according to the government)

– funding for rural broadband (which will be paid for by all users)

and – a re-vamp of the Plymouth railway station area.

The remaining 7 are referred to as “other projects”.

But all ten projects – announced as if they are new are past projects recycled into new spin! The proof? Here


in a document produced in November 2016 listing all the projects:

“What will this new funding deliver?
This new tranche of funding is expected to deliver:

Phase 3 of the Somerset Innovation Centre in Bridgwater; which will provide a hub for businesses in the energy and engineering sector to collaborate. [For Hinkley C]

Expansion of the Connecting Devon and Somerset broadband and mobile project.

Youth Construction Skills Project “Devon Communities Together”, an innovative project offering students and people from disadvantaged backgrounds experience in construction [particularly nuclear? fulfilling developers’ needs?]

South Devon College Hi Tech Centre, linking to the Torbay electronics/photonics cluster [including nuclear?]

iAero (South) Centre, Yeovil, an aerospace innovation space [including nuclear?]

Next generation ICT training project “Blue Screen IT – PROJECT X” in Plymouth, offering training for cyber security, big data and social media. [and nuclear, given Chinese and French involvement?]

Houghton Barton Package, Newton Abbot – a link road and park and change site. [lovely for developers of the potential massive expansion of the town – including Midas one assumes]

Taunton Toneway Corridor Capacity Improvements (Phase 1 Creech Castle),
providing junction capacity on a major link between the M5 and Taunton [and Hinkley C?]

Huntspill Energy Park, Bridgwater, delivering infrastructure for the Enterprise Zone. [to service Hinkley C]

An exciting regeneration project around Plymouth train station [Developers again – perhaps including Midas]

Truly, our Local Enterprise Partnership’s board members will be very happy with this!

But apart from “Youth Construction Skills Project” can anyone see what benefits (a) the Devon County Council area or (b) the East Devon area.