Seaton and Honiton community hospitals to close

“Exeter and Seaton have been chosen as the areas in Devon which will lose their community hospitals, along with prior confirmed closures in Honiton and Okehampton.

It will see the number of community hospital beds in Eastern Devon – including Exeter, East and Mid Devon districts – reduce from 143 to 72, equating to a loss of 71 inpatient beds.

The decision was made this afternoon at a publicly held meeting of the governing body of NHS Northern, Eastern and Western Devon Clinical Commissioning Group (NEW Devon CCG) at Exeter Racecourse.

Members voted in favour of option B – 32 beds in Tiverton, 24 beds in Sidmouth and 16 beds in Exmouth. No confirmation was given over when the four community hospitals affected by the changes will lose their beds or the future of those buildings and its services. Instead reassurances were made by NEW Devon CGG that it would be doing everything it can to implement safely and effectively its decision, and it will now be working on its implementation plans.

The bed closures are expected to achieve savings of £200 to £300 per bed day, with the figure more likely to be at the lower end initially because of the reinvestment required to deliver the new model of care. …”

One thought on “Seaton and Honiton community hospitals to close

  1. The hospitals are not closing (yet), its the beds that are going. This is a loss for all of us in East Devon, there are no winners here. Anyone who feels they ‘won’ because their beds are safe (for now) should think twice before expressing that emotion.


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