“Fat cat pay of NHS bosses”

“MORE than 600 NHS chiefs are now on six-figure salaries after a huge surge in the number of deep-pocketed fat cats.

Many of the high earners have made repeated demands on government to increase NHS funding as it looks to save £22billion.

… Among the highest paid is Dr Jonathan Fielden – the NHS deputy medical director who pockets £225,000 a year.

He is currently suspended from work and banned from contact with patients after being arrested on suspicion of voyeurism, according to the Telegraph.

Another fat cat, Simon Stevens, earns £195,000 as chief executive of NHS England.

He told an audience on Friday that the NHS needed more cash, pleading: “We do need capital, we’ve said that from the get go”.

His call came a day after the £240,000 Chief Inspector of Hospitals, Prof Sir Mike Richard, said the NHS was on a “burning platform”.”