MP who voted for Act that led to closure of community hospital beds “slams” bed cuts!

MP Neil Parish (and MP Hugo Swire) voted for the 2012 Health and Social Care Act, which created the “internal market” in the NHS which added millions in costs to NHS budgets and paved the way to the recent bed cuts.

It also led to the creation of NHSProperty Services, which took control of all East Devon community hospitals, which started charging market rents AND will profit from the sell-off of any local hospital land and other assets.

NOW he’s surprised that Seaton and Honiton hospitals are closing (after those in Axminster closed some time ago).

Not impressed, Mr Parish!

And why do you think hospitals in Sidmouth and Exmouth are staying open? Well, pal of Jeremy Hunt Swire can enlighten people – perhaps.

One thought on “MP who voted for Act that led to closure of community hospital beds “slams” bed cuts!

  1. We need to remember that the “consultation” which didn’t consult on the major changes to health care approach (the so called “hospital at home”) and didn’t consult on WHETHER hospital beds should be closed, but only “consulted” on which hospital beds to close.

    What was needed was for our MPs to genuinely fight for the health services for their constituents by challenging the whole basis of the “consultation” and stating in Parliament that these “consultation” process was highly flawed and should be done properly.

    Unless the whole basis for the “consultation” was challenged, hospital bed closures were inevitable, and so there is little point for either of our MPs to complain about them after the event.

    Of course, the consultations could still be challenged – there could be a judicial review, But I don;t hear either Hugo Swine or Neil Pariah calling for one.

    Crocodile tears I fear.


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