Devon County Council election information

“The countdown has begun to a countywide election on May 4.

On Monday, Devon County Council will publish its notice of election, firing the starting gun on the county poll.

Candidates will vye for 60 seats on the council, currently dominated by the Conservatives.

Just over a week later, on April 4, is the last date for nominations.

Voter registration closes on April 13 with the closing date for postal votes on April 18.

A week later, publication of Notice of Poll takes place on Tuesday April 25.

The polls open at 8am on Thursday, May 4, closing at 10pm with the results announced the next day, Friday.

Labour and the Lib Dems face an uphill task to overturn the large Conservative majority.

Four years ago, the Tories won 38 seats to the Lib Dems’ 10 with Labour returning seven seats, followed by UKIP with four and three independentcandidates.

This time there will be two fewer councillors with 56 single-member electoral divisions and two two-member divisions.

At the close of polling, ballot boxes will be secured overnight, the votes having first been sorted and verified and the votes being returned to boxes and resealed.

Verification of the votes will take place immediately after the polls have closed in each of the city, borough and/or district council areas.

As in previous elections, counting of the Votes will not begin until the Friday May 5 – all taking place at the same time, starting at 10am and declared by around midday.

More on the election will follow.”