Swire makes Commons plea to resume flight to Sharm el Sheikh

Aviation Security (22 Mar 2017)


Hugo Swire: I have just returned from a Conservative Middle East Council trip to Egypt, where we were able to see the devastating effect to the local economy in Sharm el-Sheikh of the continuing ban on flights to that region. We also met the President and heard first-hand from the Egyptians their concerns that they are being singled out in some way; that may be the reaction of other allies who are being…

Aviation Security (22 Mar 2017)


Richard Benyon: Further to the point raised by my right hon. Friend the Member for *East Devon* (Sir Hugo Swire), about 100,000 people are employed in the tourist industry in Sharm el-Sheikh and they could lose their jobs if the flight ban continues. Does my right hon. Friend the Secretary of State consult other people I see sitting on the Treasury Bench to ensure that the impact that degree of unemployment…

3 thoughts on “Swire makes Commons plea to resume flight to Sharm el Sheikh

  1. It’s a real pity that Hugo Swine does not worry as much about tourism in his constituency of East Devon – who he is supposed to be working for full time and who he should be representing – as for his mates in Sharm el-Sheikh.

    No – actually its not just a “real pity” – its an utter disgrace.


  2. Ah! An Egyptian income as well as the rest! How wealthy our MP willbbecome on not representing his constituents.


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