EDDC Exmouth Visitor Survey- a flaw

The survey says that by far the largest proportion of visitors (31 per cent) were aged 65+ years:

15% – 15 years or under
6% – 16‐24 years
8% – 25‐34 years
10% – 35‐44 years
14% – 45‐54 years and
15% – 55‐64 years
31% – 65+

16-64 year old are broken down into decades
Under 15’s span 15 years
Over 65’s span around 35 years

So obviously over 65’s are the largest group as they cover the largest number of years.

But, if you wished, you could say the largest group was 35-64 year olds (39%) as they also span 3 decades and are a higher percentage than the over 65’s!

Plus, it should be fairly obvious that people 65 – 74 are just about as fit and active as the 55-64 year olds. Lumping them in with centenarians is just a tad ageist!

AND it skews figures by comparing unequal groupings.


2 thoughts on “EDDC Exmouth Visitor Survey- a flaw

  1. Any moron could conclude( well,maybe) that if EDDC conduct a survey between October and April , which is possible but not certain, that the demographic from those ferried into Exmouth by northern coach companies would indicate a probability of approaching death!!
    Who carries out this research and when!
    It’s effing critical, and don’t EDDC know it!


    • Oh, don’t worry. EDDC have a glorious track record for curious survey results. Amongst the stunners when they proved Sidmouth losing the Knowle had no adverse economic impact, they decided that 50% of all the users of the weekend car park used it to visit friends and family (anecdotal, based upon an unknown source) and that the average number of visitors per car was 1.9 – despite the fact that Sidmouth is a family resort and any figure less than two is unbelievable. To help things along a bit they didn’t actually do a formal survey to establish those points because it was too difficult. Draw your own conclusions – they obviously must have.


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