Swire worried about laptop ban for our allies” in the Middle East, particularly Egypt and Sharm el Sheikh

“Following the announcement by the British Government of a flight ban on Laptops affecting six Middle Eastern countries the Conservative Middle East Council would like to urge the Government to ensure that all measures are taken to mitigate the diplomatic damage that the ban may cause.

CMEC is not in a position to make a judgement on the security basis of the ban and has every confidence that the relevant agencies have acted to prevent lives being put at risk. CMEC thinks it vital that real efforts are made – at ministerial level – to assuage the concerns and possible offence taken by our allies in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Lebanon, Tunisia and Turkey.

Our allies must be reassured that this measure is taken with the protection of all passengers – not just British Citizens – in mind. This is particularly the case in Egypt, where due to the fact that the ban on direct flights from the UK to Sharm El Sheikh is now in its 18th month there is a rising feeling among many Egyptians that it is in some way politically motivated.

All efforts must be made to reassure our allies that this is a not a political issue but one of security and that the laptop ban is an inconvenient but very necessary mutual security measure, implemented in the interest of travellers from all of the countries affected.”


The Rt Hon Sir Hugo Swire KCMG MP, Chairman, Conservative Middle East Council

Charlotte Leslie MP, Vice Chairman, Conservative Middle East Council

Remember, Owl reported that he asked a question in the House of Commons about when flights to the diving resort might restart, shortly after his visit to Egypt a few days ago:


One thought on “Swire worried about laptop ban for our allies” in the Middle East, particularly Egypt and Sharm el Sheikh

  1. Strewth – just when will Huge Swine start to take his responsibilities to his constituents seriously??

    When he was a minister he said he couldn’t represent his constituents because of the ministerial code (false).

    When he was fired from his ministerial role, he said that he was glad because he would now have time to act for his constituents. However there is very little sincere evidence of this – though there have been occasional half-hearted attempts to paying lip-service.

    So when tourism in East Devon needs a boost – in part because the Conservative EDDC leadership are screwing it up royally, but in part due to national issues created by the Conservative Government – what does Huge Swine do?

    He makes makes representations in Parliament to improve tourism in Sharm El Sheikh – and not only once but twice – based on his Chairmanship of the Conservative Middle East Council, which apparently is more important to him than his constituents.

    So much for his promise to focus on the needs of his constituents when he returned to the back benches.

    Oh how I wish we had an MP who was genuinely interested in East Devon and not the Middle East!!


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