Greater Exeter – BOOM, BOOM, BOOM

Quote from the Vice-Chancellor of Exeter University in this week’s Express and Echo:

“… Exeter powered through the recession with almost no unemployment. Two months ago there were 68 unemployed, 4,800 jobs” …

Yet our LEP and our councils push for more and more jobs.

Without the infrastructure (roads, affordable housing, schools, community hospitals, dentists, doctors) to support those jobs (anyone tried getting into or out of Exeter from East Devon at peak times these days?) how on earth can this be sustained, let alone sustainable?

One thought on “Greater Exeter – BOOM, BOOM, BOOM

  1. This is one of my major concerns, not just for Exeter. It is all about greedy corporations lobbying a willing CON Government to fill their pockets. It is about the public having no voice. It is unsustainable in every way. It is Distict Councils taking more for giving less. Cullompton to have a new Garden Village where there is no proven need for this number of new homes throughout the area. Employment land in excess of needs.
    Time to shout, I will be standing as an Independent at the Devon County Council election 4th May 2017.
    Promoted by Margaret Dennis Local Independent Candidate for Willand and Uffculme Ward.
    2 Damson Close The Orchards Willand Cullompton EX15 2QB contact 01884 34050


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