Rural infrastructure- lack of

One for Councillor Twiss, perhaps. And him apparently being a telecomms expert, he might also tell us how he plans to ensure that many rural communities in East Devon can move – not to the new 5G phone service everyone is now anticipating – but just to the much older 3G phone service that some areas of East Devon have never had and which is now considered old-fashioned and out-of-date.

Bet the new EDDC HQ will have 5G …

” … Existing discussions on rural infrastructure often focus on broadband, where demand for digital services often outstrips many urban places but the task of connecting residents and businesses up remains great due to lower population densities and geography which combine to make the commercial case for investment more challenging.

There are debates over whether having a broadband internet ‘service’ should be treated as a basic ‘utility’ much like electricity, water or the traditional telephone or seen as a luxury item. And whether rural residents and businesses expect the same or comparable levels of connectivity as their urban counterparts?

Other discussions have focused on transport: rural residents tend to travel longer distances, have higher costs, greater reliance on car use and increasingly limited access to public transport. These issues are incredibly important to rural communities and while they should not be overlooked there is a tendency to consider them individually and in isolation rather than collectively.

Going forward, we need to monitor whether, how and when existing Government infrastructure projects and programmes are benefitting rural areas. We also need to be mindful of a gap opening up between whether we should update / improve existing infrastructure or provide brand new infrastructure. …