Hernandez “explains” why she continues as Police and Crime Commissioner

Owl says: if she were a police officer she would have been suspended on full pay pending the outcome of proceedings – so that he or she could not be accused of influencing decisions on the case and the employer could also be seen as doing the same thing. Suspension is NOT an admission of guilt, it is a responsible action to protect both sides from charges of exerting undue influence.

“… The parliamentary statute is very clear on when a PCC may be suspended. Any suspension decision is taken by the Police and Crime Panel but they can only consider suspension if a criminal charge has been made and that the maximum offence for that charge carries a two year prison sentence. Neither of those requirements apply in my case.

I know that some readers may still feel that I should stand down because I am under investigation, but we live in a system where you are innocent until proven guilty. I was elected to serve as your Commissioner and that is what I have done, and will continue to do.

I maintain that I have done nothing wrong and I acted honestly and properly throughout the election campaign 2 years ago. I have co-operated fully with the police investigation and I look forward to getting a decision on whether this will go any further in the next few weeks. ”


One thought on “Hernandez “explains” why she continues as Police and Crime Commissioner

  1. What has whether she has done anything wrong or not got to do with it. We expect our PCC to be beyond reproach,

    At the time of her election, there were already allegations of electoral expense mismanagement, and she should have stood down then. Then the police decided that there was enough evidence to justify a full investigation. Then the Electoral Commission came out and said that the accounting split between central and local expenses was illegal. Finally the police decided that there was sufficient evidence to refer it to the CPS.

    So, even if the CPP decides that there is insufficient evidence to win a prosecution, or that it is not in the public interest for some reason, that doesn’t mean that there is no evidence, just insufficient evidence to prosecute.

    It is beyond doubt now that Alison Hernandez is NOT beyond reproach, just not yet determined whether there is sufficient evidence to prove beyond reasonable doubt that she broke the law. She should resign forthwith and allow for another election for PCC on June 8th.


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