Some councils on verge of bankruptcy ?

And still our council wants £10 million from us for a new HQ …

” … Nothing can disguise the real crisis in local government. With councils facing a £5.8bn funding gap by 2020 – when, ominously, they are all supposed to move towards self-financing, without direct government grants – the Local Government Association has warned that even if councils abandoned road repairs, stopped maintaining parks and open spaces, closed all libraries, museums and children’s centres, and stopped funding bus services, they might still not plug the hole.

Recently, the National Audit Office warned that the government was not on track to make councils self-sufficient, with the “financial sustainability” of English local government at risk through poor (central) planning. With councils due to retain income generated from all business rates – currently raised locally and redistributed nationally – there’s little forthcoming from ministers on how the councils with low tax bases can be expected to survive. …”