General election: how do we protect our NHS? Choose your candidate carefully


Claire Wright, the only credible alternative to Hugo Swire has not only made this pledge she has actively campaigned as Devon County Councillor to scrap it and start again with a clean sheet and full public and health service input.

Hugo Swire, who voted for the Health and Social Care Act 2012 that inevitably leads to cuts and privatisation has not. He still channels Jeremy Hunt and witters on about the “elastic” £10 billion for the NHS.

One thought on “General election: how do we protect our NHS? Choose your candidate carefully

  1. It is interesting that Hugo Swine refers to the NHS as “elastic” because it is a very apt analogy – most people would agree that the NHS is “elastic” stretched to breaking point.

    Even assuming that the Tories did provide an extra £10bn extra funding for the NHS (which is over several years) – a “fake” statement (or as most people would say “a lie”) that has been utterly debunked by various groups including the Parliamentary Select Committee on Health – that is absolutely dwarfed by the £10bn – £30bn wasted EVERY YEAR through Tory privatisation dogma about “markets” when it is clear that “markets” do NOT work in most public services esp. the NHS because:

    a. They only work when supply exceeds demand – and in the NHS demand will always exceed supply which inevitably leads to cost inflation and excessive profiteering;

    b. They only work when there is massive inefficiency in the system so that when the private sector eliminates the inefficiencies the savings are greater than the extra costs for highly paid senior managers and massive dividends to shareholders so that the excess savings can be given back as reduced costs;

    c. They only work when the service provision is required by law to be universal – otherwise the “market” always cherry-picks the most profitable services;

    d. They only work when there is tough regulation to prevent cost cutting resulting in reduced quality – which in the NHS means people dying.

    e. They only work when poorly performing providers can be allowed to go bust – which in the NHS again means people dying.

    Markets do not generally work in the public sector because of the above (and I can provide numerous examples – and indeed I continue to challenge anyone to provide me with a single example of privatisation or outsourcing which has worked for the public good in the long run).

    Based on the above you can now choose between:

    Hugo Swine, Conservative – who voted for the Health & Social Care Act 2012 which is the enabler for privatisation of the NHS, who did almost nothing to prevent the recent hospital-bed closures except say how awful it was (what hypocrisy), whose party has cut NHS front-line funding, lied about increasing funding and which will continue to privatise the NHS, i.e. means continuing or even increasing the spending on administering the “market”, and who has done nothing to represent the needs of East Devon in Parliament (see Hansard for the extremely rare occasions he actually mentions East Devon – and for his much more frequent lobbying for his friends in the Middle East) ;


    Claire Wright, Independent – who fights for us, can say what she thinks because she doesn’t have a party to support, and has a track record of fighting for the issues that really matter.

    If you vote Conservative, you will have only yourself to blame when the NHS is gone, when your children’s education is ruined, when you can’t get help in your old age etc.


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