Tory Party chairman rallies the faithful – all 14 of them!

“Tory Party chairman Patrick McLoughlin has been in Devon rallying party faithful. The former transport minister was in Paignton and Exeter on Wednesday ahead of the party announcing its manifesto on Thursday for the General Election. …”

You can be sure if there were more of them, they would have been in the picture!

One thought on “Tory Party chairman rallies the faithful – all 14 of them!

  1. From the article: “he said this would include announcements on proposals for a fairer school funding formula”

    That’s odd – the current proposed funding formula is already called “the fairer funding formula” despite it actually being LESS fair.

    Devon schools already get £290 less per pupil than the national average – and is 143 out of 150 local authorities, so you would expect a “fairer funding formula” to increase funding and move us towards the average – whereas in reality it is actually about education cuts to the tune of £3bn which move us even further below average funding.

    So the current “fairer funding formula” is really more of a “unfairer funding formula” or a “£3bn cuts but we need to call it fairer funding to hide the real agenda” formula, but since when have the government been open about what they are really up to? (See Academy Schools for another education example – Academies = Privatisation.)

    So, I can only assume that Patrick McLoughlin (who? never heard of him before this article) was referring to the future “actually fairer, fairer funding formula” or “AFFFF” – which presumably, when some scepticism is voiced based on the previous use of the word “fairer”, will eventually become the “NRTTWGMAFFFF” (or “no really, this time we genuinely mean actual fairer, fairer funding formula”). The question is, will we believe them, even then?


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