Did Swire and Heffer sing May’s praises at Swire’s one-man hustings?

Did anyone attend the low-turnout, one-man hustings that Hugo Swire held in Exmouth the night before the General Election? Owl has yet to hear from anyone who did – those contacting EDW having got no further than the car park before thinking better of it and going home for a nice cup of cocoa.

Unable or unwilling to debate other candidates, and unable to be seen interrogating himself, Swire was reduced to being interviewed by Daily Torygraph journalist Simon Heffer.

One can only assume that the evening included many examples from them both of strength and stability and Theresa May being exactly the right woman for the job. And what the Tories would do with their landslide victory.

But wait! Today is another country – look what Heffer has to say now:

Truly, a week (no, just 4 days!) IS a lifetime in politics!