DUP wants £2 BILLION – that’s roughly 66,666 nurses, doctors, firefighters, police, teachers

Owl says: how many nurses, doctors, police and firefighters would that buy? Lets say they cost £30,000 each (source http://www.pssru.ac.uk/pdf/uc/uc2010/uc2010_s10.pdf)
Answer: 66,666

“Theresa May’s most senior ally has admitted that a deal with the DUP is at risk as it emerged the Northern Irish party has demanded more than £2billion.

The DUP has demanded extra money for the NHS and infrastructure as a price for propping up a Conservative Government, according to reports.

It came as Damian Green, the Prime Minister’s own deputy, cast doubt on whether the Tories will be able to do a deal.

… The DUP is reportedly demanding an extra £1,100 is spent on each person in Northern Ireland.

Finance for devolved nations is usually allocated through the Barnett formula, which ensures any increases or decreases are proportional across the UK.

Every £1 spent in the province would require an additional £35 to be found for Scotland, England and Wales.

… There was speculation yesterday that the Conservatives could even open talks with the Liberal Democrats’ 12 MPs about supporting the Tory Government if the DUP talks fail.

The party believes that Downing Street’s approach to what should have been a relatively simple set of negotiations has been “chaotic” and insisted its support “can’t be taken for granted”.

Despite the drama Westminster sources have insisted that it is overwhelmingly likely that a deal will eventually be signed, most probably tomorrow.


One thought on “DUP wants £2 BILLION – that’s roughly 66,666 nurses, doctors, firefighters, police, teachers

  1. NI has just under 2m people – so that’s £1,000 per head.

    I have no problem with Theresa May agreeing to spend £2bn in NI – providing that she is fair about it and spends the same per head on other parts of the UK.

    So East Devon has c. 140,000 people and should therefore get £140m spent on health and infrastructure.

    Devon as a whole has a population of c. 1.1m so should get c. £1,1bn to spend on the NHS. Excellent news.

    Overall, Theresa May will need to find c. £65bn to fund the same spending across the whole of the UK. Sort of makes Jeremy Corbyn’s election spending pledges look positively tiny by comparison. The big question, of course, is who will fund this. The Labour Party were clear that it would be the richest 5% of the population who would pay for their modest spending plans – but I can’t see the Tories raising £65bn from their rich donors. So we should expect to pay (maybe) £2k-£3k more each to fund this.

    (Or assuming that they are just going to pay the £2.2bn to NI, that equates to an increase of 0.5% on income tax for all taxpayers – yes 0.5% tax increase so that Theresa can keep her job.)


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