“Labour slams ‘stupid and dangerous’ Tory crime czar as ‘unfit’ for office”

Owl says: at last someone prepared to say that this particular Empress has no professional clothes!

“Labour has called for the sacking of the Tory crime czar after her comments about armed citizens taking on terrorist attackers.

A group of Plymouth councillors have said Devon and Cornwall’s Police and Crime Commissioner should be removed from her role for making “stupid and dangerous” comments about guns.

The group is pushing for a vote of no confidence in Alison Hernandez, saying they are “extremely alarmed” at her stance on how to tackle terrorists.

Earlier this month Ms Hernandez said vigilantes with guns could be part of the “solution” – but later insisted the interview had been misinterpreted.

Labour is preparing to table a motion at next week’s council meeting calling for action.

“Ms Hernandez’s statement that she would ‘really be interested’ in the suggestion shows she is unfit and unsuitable for office,” a spokesman said.

“We endorse Deputy Chief Constable Paul Netherton’s view that it would be ‘definitely an emphatic no’ to non-police officers taking up arms.

“A proposal to utilise domestically owned firearms is a crass and inadequate response to mounting concerns about police cuts.

“In particular it is an inadequate response to the previously reported removal of a large number of armed officers. This in turn is exacerbated by the removal of the ‘eyes and ears of the force’, the PCSOs and beat officers.”

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The motion calls for the council’s chief executive to write to the Home Secretary asking her to “remove Ms Hernandez from office, allowing Devon and Cornwall Police to continue the fight against crime, including terrorist threats, without these stupid and dangerous comments being made.”

The councillors also want to write to the Devon and Cornwall Police and Crime Panel Chair requesting he tables an urgent vote of no confidence in Ms Hernandez at their next full meeting.

A spokesman for Ms Hernandez’ office said: “There has been no official notification of any Plymouth City Council motion concerning the Police and Crime Commissioner.

“Should a motion be tabled, any response from the commissioner will be made through the appropriate channels.”