Resident complains about Exmouth cleanliness

Our town centre is FILTHY, specifically Rolle Street and the Strand pavements, the bus shelters and rubbish bins in the same area. Why is our town so FILTHY? What is going on??

Please clean this area on a regular basis, daily. It is worse than a third world country.”

Correspondent please note Owl cannot respond to requests for telephone contact.

Any further comment from other Exmothians?

3 thoughts on “Resident complains about Exmouth cleanliness

  1. ‘Filthy’ sounds a bit OTT to me, I have not noticed this.
    That said, for anyone to think a town seems filthy, especially when that town apparently wants to attract new visitors, is a rather worrying reflection on the priorities of the local council who should be interesting in enabling clean environments with plenty of bins provided that are regularly emptied.
    Of course those who have the job of cleaning the streets should be well resourced and supported in their role to ensure they are not left miserable and unmotivated.


  2. I have noticed more rubbish on our streets everywhere and graffiti on many of the walls in Exeter. This is what happens when you build, build, build and have inadequate facilities. As for the rubbish we always take a rubbish bag so that when walking we can pick any up. Have to say more and more filled doggy poo bags are just left on verges etc. Although not an excuse there are inadequate collection bins in most areas. So we can do our bit, but the Council has got to do it’s job to ensure rubbish is not left. I am sure that if EDDC has multi millions £’s of our money to waste on a totally unnecessary move of it’s Admin staff, it can surely get to grips with the rubbish and graffiti !!!


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