Swire defends Tory/DUP deal – calls May and Foster a ‘feminist coalition’ and says Foster ‘a good woman’ who even drinks alcohol

Owl says: there is loads more of this twaddle on his website if you can bear to read it. If you voted for him, really you need to work out why.

“Sir Hugo Swire has defended the controversial Tory deal with the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) and called party leader Arlene Foster a “thoroughly decent woman”.

… Swire, the MP for East Devon and a junior minister in Northern Ireland under the first Cameron Government, says the DUP will “lie low” on issues such as same sex marriage.

He has hailed the parliamentary arithmetic of the minority government for allowing the emergence a new “feminist coalition” on women’s rights.

… He said he “knows and likes” First Minister Arlene Foster well and has urged people to give the deal a chance.

“I would count her as a friend as I do many of her colleagues,” Mr Swire added.

“The DUP under her is now much more socially progressive. It no longer represents the bigoted and sectarian Anti-Catholic sentiments of the Rev Ian Paisley. Arlene is not even a member of the Orange Order.

“In Belfast the DUP is increasingly reflective of the population that votes for it, which includes thousands of non-churchgoing Protestants. Arlene is an Anglican like Theresa May and a Lawyer, she has Catholic and gay friends and drinks alcohol. I have shared a glass or two with her myself over the years. She is patriotic and pro-monarchy like most Conservatives. She sees her place within the United Kingdom as her key to survival. She is a thoroughly decent woman.”