“Powerful American gun lobby comes out in favour of Devon crime czar Alison Hernandez”

Fame or infamy?

“America’s powerful gun lobby group the National Rifle Association (NRA) has come out with all guns blazing in support of Devon and Cornwall Police Commissioner Alison Hernandez.

The NRA’s Institute for Legislative Action has accussed Plymouth City Council’s recent vote of no confidence in Ms Hernandez as ‘a sad commentary on UK firearm politics’ and says the Labour-run council ‘gave their finest impression of George Orwell’s Thinkpol’.

The council has called on Ms Hernandez to resign following ‘stupid and dangerous’ comments during a local BBC radio interview on whether armed citizens should take on terrorists and a vote of no confidence was carried by 26 votes to 25 after the Labour group said they were ‘extremely alarmed’ at her stance.

But the NRA supports Ms Hernandez in a series of articles online. One said: “Every once in a great while, an independent-minded United Kingdom official is overcome with a bout of common sense on firearms..”

The NRA lobbies for gun rights and the ‘right to bear arms’ in the States. The NRA is now among the most powerful special interest lobby groups in the US, with a $250million budget to influence Congress on gun policy and funds things such as gun ranges.

The NRA has also come out in favour of Nigel Farage’s stance on UK citizens being allowed to carry handguns.

However, newly elected Plymouth Labour MP Luke Pollard says the endorsement only “makes things worse” for the commissioner.

In that time she has been the subject of an investigation by the police, admitted to smoking cannabis and has a penchant for gangsta rappers N.W.A – who sang “F*** da police” on their debut album. She was criticised last October for taking a selfie with the fire chief as emergency workers battled to save the Royal Clarence Hotel behind her.

Last month she was accused of nepotism after attempting to appoint an old pal and fellow Tory from her Torbay council days as her deputy commissioner.

But it was her comments concerning whether armed citizens could take on terrorists, made during a summer of horrific attacks, which caused her the most damage.

Senior officers at her own police force disowned the suggestion that licensed firearm users could be part of the “solution” to combatting armed attackers.

This week Plymouth City Council lost patience with the gaffe-prone politician and called for her to resign.”