Sidmouth Port Royal plans – improvement or defacement?

From Save our Sidmouth:

“Sidmouth seafront: improved or defaced by councils’ Port Royal plans? NOW is the time to make your views known

East Devon District Council (EDDC) and Sidmouth Town Council (STC) have progressed their joint Port Royal Scoping Study, to produce a single option for public consultation. As suggested in our most recent posts, the redevelopment proposed has caused controversy, with heavy criticism on planning grounds and on unsuitability. Various letters to the press have been copied to SOS, and will be posted on this website, for your information.

Two new web pages describe the situation, and include thought-provoking photomontages:


Local resident, Mary Walden-Thill, warns, ”The first meeting of Sidmouth Town Council after the Survey closes, is on the 14th of August. It is very likely that they will make their decision on the redevelopment at this meeting. Once the decision is made the ‘gateway’ closes and it will be extremely difficult to reconsider, it may even require a legal appeal.” (
The Terms are very clear … see:

Many agree with her that there seems ”no reason why the area could not be improved without resorting to a huge block containing apartments”, and are questioning why the consultation only offers one option.

NOW is the time to let your Councillor representative(s) know your views, by

a.contacting them directly . STC contact details from the council website are listed below, for your convenience.


b. completing the brief public consultation survey still open online until 5pm on 31st July 2017, at this link

Sidmouth Town Councillors
Chairman IAN MCKENZIE-EDWARDS, Sidford Ward,
Deputy Chairman John Dyson, South Ward,
Ian Barlow, Salcombe Regis Ward,
David Barratt, Salcombe Regis Ward,
Sheila Kerridge, West Ward,
Jack Brokenshire, Sidford Ward,
Louise Cole, West Ward,
Kelvin Dent, South Ward,
Michael Earthey, North Ward,
John Hollick, Sidbury Ward,
Stuart Hughes, North Ward,
Gareth Jones, Sidbury Ward,
Marc Kilsbie, East Ward,
Dawn Manley, North Ward,
Frances Newth, East Ward,
Simon Pollentine, Primley Ward,
John Rayson, West Ward,
Jeff Turner, Primley Ward,
Paul Wright, South Ward,