“Devon crime commissioner faces another no- confidence vote”

Interesting that she could be voted in by only 22.8% of the Devon and Cornwall electorate (and only just over half of them voted for her) yet she can only be removed by the Home Secretary – not even by the Panel that is supposed to oversee her work, yet cannot stop her appointing any deputy she wants.

Democracy – go whistle!

“Members of Devon County Council, meeting this next week, are to debate whether to ask the Home Secretary to remove Devon and Cornwall’s Police Commissioner from office.

Liberal Democrat councillor Alistair Dewhirst will propose a vote of no confidence in Alison Hernandez at the meeting of the full council on Thursday, July 20.

If approved by the Conservative-controlled council, this would be another major setback for Ms Hernandez, who ran for office as a Conservative. The county council is being asked to agree that Ms Hernandez is “unfit and unsuitable for her job”.

“Devon County Council is extremely alarmed at the proposal by the Police and Crime Commissioner, Alison Hernandez, to drastically reduce the number of PCSOs, the eyes and ears of the force,” Cllr Dewhirst will propose.”

At a recent consultation by South Devon and Dartmoor Community Safety Partnership, Neighbourhood Watch co-ordinators, parish, town and borough councillors, district councillors and county councillors described the proposed changes as ‘dangerous’.

“Members are hearing reports from constituents of massive increases in low-level crime in our towns, villages and rural areas.”Additionally there is a general concern that the Police and Crime Commissioner is unfit and unsuitable for her job after making tactless comments about being ‘really interested’ in licensed firearm owners being allowed to act during terrorist incidents.

“We endorse Deputy Chief Constable Paul Netherton’s view that ‘Under no circumstances would we want members of the public to army themselves with firearms’.”

Cllr Dewhirst calls the vigilante idea “a crass and inadequate response to mounting concerns about police cuts”. He will say Ms Hernandez’s proposal to appoint a deputy Police and Crime Commissioner “is an appointment that is just not needed in these cash-strapped times”.

His motion says the Home Secretary should use “whatever powers may be available to remove Ms Hernandez from office allowing Devon and Cornwall Police to continue the fight against crime at all levels. and that Members of Devon County Council show their lack of support for the Police and Crime Commissioner by voting “No Confidence” in her office’.

The Police and Crime Commissioner has faced a barrage of opposition since her election last year.Last week Earlier this month Ms Hernandez put on hold plans to appoint a deputy after opposition from the panel that oversees her work.

The police and crime panel – made up of councillors and appointed members from across Devon and Cornwall – voted not to confirm Torbay councillor Mark Kingscote in the role.

Earlier, Ms Hernandez faced investigation over election expenses in her former role as agent for Torbay MP Kevin Foster and was only cleared shortly before the general election. Days after the election, she sparked controversy when she appeared to suggest members of the public might arm themselves against a terrorist incident.

She insisted later her remarks, on a BBC Radio Cornwall phone-in had been misinterpreted.Last month Plymouth City Council passed a vote of no confidence in Ms Hernandez for what it said were “stupid and dangerous comments”, and agreed to write to the Home Secretary asking her to the crime czar from office.

The office of the Police and Crime Commissioner declined to comment on Friday.”

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