Plymouth says No to new town rules relaxation, South Hams says Yes!

So now what?

“Planners at South Hams District Council have voted in favour of allowing the developers of the new town of Sherford more flexibility in the way they build houses at the site.

A strict set of rules known as the ‘town code’ – affecting things like architectural style, where people park and how streets are laid out, will be replaced with a less rigid set of guiding principles.

Last week Plymouth City Council voted against the changes out of concern that future houses would not be built to high enough design standards.”

2 thoughts on “Plymouth says No to new town rules relaxation, South Hams says Yes!

  1. Q: When is a deal not a deal?
    A: When it is one between developers and a local council.

    How can it be right for developers to agree to rules when they want to get planning permission (possibly in a competitive tendering environment if it is a new town), but can then plead poverty
    and renege on that deal? Despite record breaking profits at the end of every financial year?

    Or perhaps the record profits are actually the consequence of reneging on the deals.

    If I went to a car showroom and agreed to pay £20,000 for a car, I can’t later go back and plead poverty and say I will now only pay £18,000 for it – or say that I can only pay £20,000 if they throw in a shed-load of optional extras for free.

    Or closer to home [sic.], ditto for a £400,000 house.

    So how come developers can renege on deals with councils with impunity but would never accept the same attitude from their customers?


  2. A Shame they didn’t oppose the little boxes with small windows without any imaginative design for houses in Cranbrook!!


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