Parish slags off Sherford new town (Plymouth) but not Cranbrook





Owl says: it rather sticks in the craw when a long-time MP criticises his own party for things he has never before stood up for after having watched ticky-tacky boxes going up all over his constituency with never a word.

Your party, your fault, your buck Mr Parish.

“… Local people must be given the tools and encouragement to create their own design codes and plan the sort of development they want. Not only will it improve the quality of housing stock, it gives people a stake in their community and a sense of civic pride in new developments. …”

In East Devon! You must be joking – or living on another planet!

2 thoughts on “Parish slags off Sherford new town (Plymouth) but not Cranbrook

  1. New towns were brought in by John Prescott, blackmailing local district councils, the case for Cranbrook, check history.


  2. No doubt Neil Parish and Hugo Swire both voted with their party when it came to agreeing to the NPPF, a planning policy which is the primary cause of loss of localism in planning.

    So for Neil Pariah to be wringing his hands and saying how terrible it is now is (as usual) pure hypocrisy. The time to do something about it was when the NPPF came to a vote in Parliament, not after the event.

    Its about time we had MPs with integrity who stand up for their constituents before the event, not simply vote against the interests of their constituents and then wring their hands when it is all too late.


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