An American view of Theresa May

“… Across the Atlantic, May’s administration may not be nearly as frightening [as that of Donald Trump], but there is a strikingly similar failure of government.

To refresh my memory of the past dispiriting year in British politics, I went through the weekly calendars of Parliamentary business since the Brexit referendum in June 2016. Among all the Parliamentary statements, motions, and debates, there is really only one major piece of legislation, the Investigatory Powers Act, commonly known as The Snoopers’ Charter, which codified the toughest surveillance regime in the West. Otherwise, the sound and fury in the chamber of House of Commons amounted to nothing.

May presides over a Parliament that is, to all intents and purposes, legislatively comatose—the more so since she lost her overall majority in the spring General Election. I cannot remember a more lackluster performance.”…