Torbay Council Customer Services – a stepping stone to greater things in the office of the Police and Crime Commissioner

Customer Services at Torbay Council leads to greater things.

After starting life as a market trader Ms Hernandez took a position as a Receptionist at the Riviera Centre and later became a Customer Service supervisor there from 1998 – 2000. She then moved on to the Press and Public Relations department (2000-2002) and ended up as Crime and Disorder Reduction Co-ordinator (2001-2004) before leaving for pastures new [Source: Linkedin]

Now Torbay Council’s current Assistant Director of Customer Service is becoming one of Ms Hernandez’s “monitors” as Chief Executive of her office (though they seem to have overlapped only during the time when Ms Hernandez was a Torbay councillor). One of her jobs at Torbay was Executive Head of Community Safety (2008-2011). Ms Hughes began her career at Torbay in Environmental Health, in which she received her degree. Source also Linked In.

Truly, Torbay council is a breeding ground for local talent where crime prevention is concerned – as Ms Hernandez had also wanted her fellow Torbay councillor and friend Mark Kingscote to join her as her deputy until the Police and Crime Panel “recommended” against it (as that is all they are allowed to do):

Ms Allen has been a DCC Assistant Treasurer since 2009 and was educated locally at Colyton Grammar School.

Two people have been appointed to “monitor and advise” the police and crime commissioner (PCC).

Frances Hughes will be the new chief executive and Nicola Allen will be the treasurer.

Ms Hughes is currently the assistant director of community and customer services at Torbay Council and Ms Allen, is the senior assistant county treasurer with Devon County Council.

Both were “unanimously confirmed in their appointments by the Police and Crime Panel”, said the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner (OPCC).

A spokesman said the role of chief executive is one of two positions created with the intention of monitoring and advising the elected PCC in their activities, as well as ensuring the manifesto is fulfilled on behalf of both the public and government.

The OPCC has been trying to fill the two statutory posts since CEO Andrew White moved to Lincolnshire Police and treasurer Duncan Walton announced he was retiring.

One thought on “Torbay Council Customer Services – a stepping stone to greater things in the office of the Police and Crime Commissioner

  1. Will these officers have the powers, or the guts, to tell Hernandez how incompetent she is?
    She may not know it but she is the laughing stock of many police forces, up and down the country, for her idiotic idea of perhaps allowing firearm certificate holders loose at terrorism incidents. I am told, by a very informed source, that they cannot believe that anyone so naive (and dangerous) could ever be elected. She has turned the role into a standing joke- our own equivalent of The Donald.


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