Electoral reform needed; system not strong OR stable!

“… In the end, we have a system that only recognises the geographical location of a voter and nothing else. It is where voters are – rather than how many are backing whom – that matters. This must change if we are to restore legitimacy to our political institutions.

But the real question for our politicians is this: if the two main parties can gain over 80% of the vote for the first time in decades, in a system designed for two parties, and yet both still lose – when will they show the leadership the country so desperately needs and fix our voting system?

Doing so would send a message that far from being in it for themselves, parties can make brave and bold decisions to revitalise our democracy. If there’s anything this last few years have shown, it’s that people feel alienated from politics and are struggling to be heard. Let’s find positive ways of making that happen.”

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One thought on “Electoral reform needed; system not strong OR stable!

  1. … Okay! but haven’t we known this for decades?
    The electoral system is more than flawed , it is grossly biased towards the Tories and Labour.
    For an educated (allegedly) society this is far from adequate.
    Prop. Representation is a minimal requirement for the voting population to reengage with politics.
    I often hear that politics isn’t ” anything to do with me, can’t be bothered etc, etc ” but politics is absolutely everything , and fundamental to everyone .
    Don’t let these silver tongued sleuths called conservatives affect your judgement.
    They are the scum of the earth or worse, as are many Blairite Labour politicians.
    We need a new political system , and what we have is shi*e.


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