Care at home – in your dreams, sorry – nightmares!

A comment from Save Our Hospitals Facebook on the Seaton hospital beds closure today and Honiton next week:

“What utter tripe!!!!

Out of all our nursing auxiliaries at Honiton there is ONE, being redeployed in community. The rest have been shipped to Exeter and Sidmouth!!
How’s that for care in the community! The bloke [Neil Parish MP, who responds to worried constituents with an anodyne “round robin” but voted through the cuts] is a total liar, as is the rest of them!! When it came to the crunch,they all turned their backs on their community!! God help them!!”

One thought on “Care at home – in your dreams, sorry – nightmares!

  1. People are going to suffer and die.

    If this is repeated across the UK, there will be tens of thousands (or even hundreds of thousands) of avoidable deaths, and a whole lot of suffering.


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